Organic Spray Tanning...


Organic, Vegan, Sugar-based solution, No chemicals


Lasts 7-10 Days

Natural colors- no orange or streaking


Golden Touch- Fair-Medium skin types


This formulation is for fair skin types and those who have freckles and do not tan from the sun. The Combination of ingredients works to create a brown & natural looking tan rather than enhance the red orange skin tones. It's magic to those who have never been able to achieve a beautiful tan.


Golden Glow- Medium Skin Types


This is the instant, deep, dark tanning treatment that leaves a radiantly bronzed and glowing tan for days! This works on all skin types, but it's ideal for medium toned individuals.


The Golden God or Goddess-Olive or Dark Skin Types


Sun-worshiper, it gets no better than this! Olive Juice is the darkest color, tans the skin instantly and looks spectacular on those with an olive skin tone or already established tan.



Full body air brush--$35


Partial upper or lower body--$25


Face only--$15


IMPORTANT: To get the best results. Please exfoliate your skin 24 hours prior to appointment and do not put on any lotions