You are doing everything right but still can not drop the weight!


You can eat all the green veggies you want but that is not going to help if you are having problems in another area in your life. As your health coach I would assess the areas that you are not completely happy with and create a plan that will help you improve.


You know what you need to do to become healthier you are just having a hard time putting it into practice.


As in integrative nutrition health coach we are trained in how to develop individualized strategies that are tailored to you and your life style. This will greatly improve the ability to make those lifestyle changes that you are trying to make. We hold you accountable to your progress, and focus on your own needs. We also partner with other health professionals to help take their recommendations and apply it to you.


You want to become healthier but you do not know where to start


Everyone says you need to eat better to feel better. But quinoa? Miso? Chick peas? There are so many items out there that people swear by. But really, what is the best? The only person who can answer that is you! Your body is different from everyone else. Something that you might thrive on can create health problems in another. As a health coach I will help you navigate the world of healtheating to find what is right for you. I can take you on a tour of your local grocery or health food store and help you understand what is out there. Between recipes and food prep I can help guide you to that better life you want.


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