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A health coach is what some might call the 'missing link' between doctors and their patients well being. How many times has your doctor given you a recommendation that you had a hard time following? Like giving up sweets, or exercising more? But it is stressful trying to implement these changes? I help to develop strategies that work for YOU to create life-long lasting changes that will improve your overall wellness.


I am a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach which is slightly different than the typical coach. Integrative nutrition sees what you eat as secondary to your total health. Don't get me wrong, eating healthy is an amazing way to improve your life, and we will work on that together! Unfortunately you can eat all the clean food in the world but if you are stressing about things like work or relationships you are not going to be able to lose that weight or stop the sugar cravings. I will look at the big picture. Whats going on in every aspect of your lives? My focus is to correct the underlying issues rather than simply alleviating the symptoms that it is causing you.



Not many people today take time to focus on themselves. We are all busy people after all. Its easy to let our health fall by the way side when we have other responsibilities. As a health coach I can take the pressure off you by focusing on you! What would make your life better, and how can we start adding those things in.



Paige offers both in person and on the phone health coaching programs

Health Coaching Programs

We will work on strategies together that will fit into your current lifestyle one step at a time. During our sessions we will focus on multiple different areas of your life to create overall wellness that will last you for a life time. Not only will this help you personally but you can also pass on our knowledge to family and friends. 


During this program we will be focusing on curbing cravings, developing life long lasting changes, and accomplishing personalized health goals. Paige offers health food tours, farmers market yours, and clean eating kitchen consultations. This will help you better understand your healthy choices, get you into contact with local farmers, and have a new outlook on what you should be buying for you and your family. 



** Prices vary depending on what program is right for you. Set up an initial consultation with Paige below, and she will work with you to find what will be the most beneficial for your health and wellness goals.**

Paige offers both in person and on the phone health coaching programs


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